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The New Nabolister News!

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2007-04-26 12:22:22 east time
i decided to move the Nabolister News here in the forum so that people can comment.

The Nabolister News is a place for me to talk about what im doing on Nabolister.

Nabolister was born in may 2006. My parents informed me that i was going to receive a substantial tax return from the government this year (2000$ canadian). When i thoughed of what i was going to do with it, i decided that i wanted to invest the money!

First i wanted to invest in some shares, but eventually i decided that a much more fun investment would be: trying to make a website...

at that time i had absolutely no experience in web creation, i didnt know HTML, i didnt know PHP, but at least i know the internet because i was working as an internet tech support in some calling center, which is still actually my job today...

so, anyways, according to me at that time, if i wanted to make a website, i needed a computer! cos my computer was already too busy with all the games i was playing on it, movies i was watching and intensive bittorent downloads, ect... i wanted a second computer to be a webserver.

even before i got the money from the tax return i started reading some tutorials on how to build a webserver and installing a test server on my current computer. the tutorial i followed was pretty much: buy a domain name, and install Apache...

so i bought a domain name, my first idea was Nabolister and it was available on the .com so i bought it right away!

then i downloaded Dreamweaver "somewhere" and started creating some funny pages, it was pretty easy to make some nice pages on Dreamweaver and make a big site, but still i couldnt understand: How do you make your website "Do" things? i wanted to make some kind of music distribution website and i was going to have the server copy and modify some files, allow people to register and login and keep track of their activities more or less. How do you do that in Dreamweaver??

so, since i didnt know where to start, i started going through the Dreamweaver tutorial.. started with the "getting started" and moved on to the rest. i learned some stuff but it was mostly concentrated on how to make good looking pages not so much about how to make your pages "do things".

around the end of the tutorial they had 1 exercise that was showing you a little about doing things, they showed you how to make a form so people can post comments! but before you could do it, you needed to install an Application server!!! my first tutorial did not tell me anything about this.. and i was going to need a database too and they suggested many different programs that i could use!!

that part was Really confusing, it took me weeks to figure it out. but i was eventually able to have Apache, PHP and MySQL all working togheter, on a Windows computer! i could not do it again on a Windows computer lol!

and then i was able to complete the exercise where you can have people post comments on a page and the Dreamweaver tutorial ended there!

so, even though that tutorial was really fun, it didnt answer much of my questions about how to make your webpages do things.

so i looked for more tutorials on the internet, i landed on they started showing me how to make pages like Dreamweaver but all from the notepad! writing HTML codes. for some reason i decided immediately that i was much more comfortable like that and that i would never use Dreamweaver again!... since that day, i have always handcoded every of my pages.

eventually i received my money for that tax return i was finally gonna buy that computer and install the real server on it, but unfortunately, the 2000$ turned out beeing about 900$ because i was late on my students loans :( ...

i managed to find a nice computer for 700$ i installed Linux on it which was even easier than installing Windows and was able to install the whole Apachem, PHP, MySQL working togheter in like 15 minutes! cos its very simple if you're on Debian.

when i started exploring the tutorials from w3schools, i really felt it was too much information, i didnt think i could remember much, so to help me remember, i decided to start creating a "make a website" tutorial on a webpage which explained everything i was learning and was using it at the same time...

it was funny because the pages were looking better and better as you were going further in my tutorial.

so for about approximatively 6 months, Nabolister was a "make your own website" tutorial and there were not really any visitors but i was working on it like a madmen! i learned, and explained! the basics of HTML, the basics of Javascript, the basics and more advanced section of PHP and then just at the same moment where they started showing me how to make PHP use the MySQL database, i had an idea of a cool website that i was actually gonna be able to make!

i wanted to try making a website like, where people can upload their own songs and vote for their favorite songs, and theres a palmares of the best songs, and theres a lots of people and a lots of competition for attention so that people come and listen to your songs. another example of that type of website is

so i started working on that, i was for months constructing that site and it quickly replaced the old "make your own website tutorial" completely. i managed to have a few users but really it was minimal.. though i kept working on the site and i seriously managed to have all the features that has and even some others that i always wished that had! like changing the scores and comments you left on some songs afterwards, or even chosing a custom palette of color for each song and plenty of funny stuff....

but on the other hand, my whole hand-coded-by-a-newbie was far from looking as professional as the sites i was immitating and i really didnt have so many users at all....

eventually i opened a second section, the "Radio" section. i had some crazy idea for a radio that i never actually finished but anyways there were plenty of songs from my hard drive piled up there..

then i made the forum and some day (maybe like 2 or 3 months ago) i made the movie page. thats when people started coming on Nabolister! lots and lots of people started coming here actually.

but anyways, quite a while before that, i had already built a "Nabolister News" section the page is still up at the moment:

this explains pretty much more in details what ive done on Nabolister since the creation of this Nabolister News section until its disconnection. i say disconnection cos the old Nabolister News page still exists at the moment it just doesnt have any link to it, except in this post.

except from that, what did i do lately?

bah... i made my own flash player instead of using that good old dailymotion player i had on my server, that was really fun!

i actually removed the section for artists to upload their own songs because i felt like it did not "Harmonize" with the rest of the website and i created a new different music section, see at or just click "music" on the top of the page.

also lately, something i wanted to do for a while, with the old "music billboard" section removed, i could more easily start working a bit on the userpage and i plan to use as the members area, not meaning that i want to hide some content from non-members in there, but simply that i want to make it the place where all "user related activities" will happen... userpages, loggin in, loggin out, ect...

so thats pretty much where im at right now, and thats the new Nabolister News section.

a guest
2007-05-10 13:08:18 east time
you must be younger than i thought, so tip #1 "html notepad 295" is the editor i used many years ago, i may have a copy floating around, it is a fantastic text editor just for html, so much faster to use then notepad or other basic text editors... next tip, nesting and tables can be the two most important things to remember, i did a web site to show the best ways to nest and use tables, simply put, indent each level, so your main table will be at the edge then your sub table will be indented like 2 spaces, then the next inner table indented 2 more spaces, that is going into the table AND comeing out, your left hand margin is then pyramided into a clean order easy to see, use 2 rows of ##### long enough to notice to seperate sections, so when a page ends up long you can very easily and quickly get to the section you want to work on, and your nesting done similar, by useing opening tags above the content, and closeing below, makes for SUPER CLEAN and SUPER EFFICEINT source, i call the type of source you use on this page INLINE, in short, you start a line with your open tag, and go all the way to the close tag with everything in it, then a line break or skipped line and start the new tagged line, it may look nice and simplify things, but in the long run as you get length to your source and to a given tag set your spending time scanning that line for the proper spot to slip a new pair of tags in or add or remove text, my method spread through the 90's after doing a site with noted parts to teach others how to do it the same way, and the site was put up to either shut down BMI and ASCAP for ripping off the artists, or to make them pay out properly, they were only paying out to the top ten stars, and takeing songs from authors and giving them to the top ten stars, so my site was to give credit where credit was due, they got SCARED BIG TIME, and both restructured their pay out methods, my site was also to be a musical equiptment swap meet, but the fat tv lezbitch stole my idea and used her damn tv show to promote what she stole from me, and she had some punk hack it, but I cought him in the act, right as he got my htaccess, and I nailed his ass, and he was SO DUMB he responded to me telling me to quit putting his name up and quit contacting him LOL,,, I posted it all on the front page of the web site, and never again got hacked, but the main purpose of the site was accomplished, the script in perl I wrote for the swap meet bidding was stolen by the spoon lez, good old fat and ugly, and used for ebay, and has since been modified and the basics of my original script are still the basics of the scripting used today on ebay.. I will never use ebay, too much theft, too many rip off wannabe's due to the class of people she/it brought to it, and everyone I know who has used ebay has been ripped off.... no exceptions, 1 time maybe ok, 2 times getting risky, 10 times a guarenteed rip off.... most of all, I spend a lot of time here on your site, so study up on spyware, and adware, and BHO hijacking, and other script highjacking so you can defend yourself and visitors to your site, for as much time as your putting in here, there are groups doing the same to sniff out the true intent of individual sites that pass them selves off as ad services mainly but also as counters, many other statistics monitoring and what have you to aquire info from you for some third party they wont tell you about, just let you think they are operateing for you...... Good Luck,,,, enjoy,,,, "theProphet®"

a guest
2007-05-10 13:11:10 east time
P.S. envis,,,,,, study your htaccess file, there are a few little things you can do to make it less easily to hack, and not be much work on your part to maintain,,,,,,, "theProphet®"

a guest
2007-05-10 22:57:49 east time
Well now reading how you basically knew nothing and created this i give you a lot of credit for for time and patience. Dreamweaver totally sucks to me. I hated it. I used Office 12 Publisher and tell you what it's easy and can really get a lot done in a short amount of time by just dragging and dropping. You must really try this. Take the logo's and stuff I gave you and add them in your site if you want. Maybe I'll copy your site and fiddle with it a bit. I get bored sometimes and already saw all the movies on Nabolister. Ha ha. My first website to sell items on the net was done with Publisher, Like you I had no clue. I managed to create entire site in about one hour and figure out how to upload it to my hosting company by FTP. Site was 280 pages. (site still up even though webhosting was canselled due to an isp switch, grrr) They were slow hosting anyway. Site actually looked pretty good and had Thumbnail views and descrptions of the items,pics linked to full size pics with detail description and all the linking to be able to go next and back or go back to main gallery. I had fun with it.

2007-05-11 11:48:42 east time
thanks for the picture and the advices!

1 thing i want to mention the most important of nabolister is the PHP part.. i didnt pay soo much attention to the HTML yet, as you can see, its all table, text.. well, theres a lot of HTML but i dont really make pages, i make "machines" (all my HTML is "echoed" by PHP, so you'd need to see the PHP files to see the nice margins and everything) the movie page for example, i never made any movie page manually, since the start it was 1 page loading links from a database (and i actually had a second page to add the links).. things keep chaning and files multiply, but its still all "machines"

so since its PHP, if you "copy my site" you wont get so much of what it really is...

last time i made a complete backup of Nabolister, including all subdomains, database contents dumped into files and user pictures (a few days ago) it was 4 Mb big.. can be sent in an email :)

a guest
2007-06-11 14:26:11 east time
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a guest
2007-07-04 17:15:44 east time
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a guest
2007-07-18 07:03:37 east time
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a guest
2007-11-22 22:33:45 east time
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a guest
2007-11-22 22:33:52 east time
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