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Darn stagevu, get it together

Stagevu is becoming more and more unreliable. Its not about the fact that they remove videos more than other hosts or the frequent database overload. What is the most annoying is that it seems about 30% of their videos are not removed but still dont play for some reason... divx tries to connect and ends up throwing an error... reminds me of the kind of issues zshare was having a few years ago.

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yes and for some reason when i am watching a movie on their site or divx movie it doesn't let me click anything after. its wierd.
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quote from a guest on post #183
yes and for some reason when i am watching a movie on their site or divx movie it doesn't let me click anything after. its wierd.

sounds like youre getting that bug thats sometimes caused by the divx player where you lose your mouse cursor inside of firefox

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Yeah I don't use Stagevu anymore because of that bug as well.. My mouse goes missing. A lot of the time you can just close that tab that has the divx player and your mouse will come back though. I use PutLocker as much as possible.
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About the disappearing mouse cursor while playing DIVX

DivX WebPlayer 1.5
Hi there, guys and galls,
If you watch DIVX full screen,
and you bring up the small control panel ,
by clicking the full screen divx window once,
your mouse cursor won't disappear...

(drag the small control panel to the bottom of the screen,
just showing the top edge of the control panel…)

Using the pop-out divx window (f.i. if you use two screens)
will not make your cursor disappear.

About image and streaming quality;
StageVU has upgraded as you all might have noticed
Well, not everybody; StageVu does plays very well
but is seems to depend on the Internet connection, but
not so much the speed, it seems, but the number of hubs and hops,
I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it works..
before you reach StageVu,
Using other DNS ip’s might work​S
Comodo ‘s DNS servers work well from where I am

But for Pete's sake, double post;
One browser instance (ie) to stagevu
And one browser instance (ff) to putlocker
Why? DivX has a so much nicer picture quality,
allows multiple downloads and It auto-saves in
the Divx/temp folder
(In case you might be wandering where your disk space went)
VLC player plays my temp folder, while with Ice GM script,
several DivX download simultaneously in Firefox
Then download speed doesn’t matter that much,
Besides, we on multiple MB/s connections, should cap our download speed!
So we don’t hog more bandwidth then we actually need for viewing.

(over all 400 Kb/s is enough to stream, okay, times three; 1.2 Mb/s is enough for one pc,
common, I know that I hog somebody’s bandwidth when I download from StageVU at 4-6 Mb/s on my over the counter cable connection. Besides that, the playback becomes choppy at that speed !
So I use wireless for viewing / streaming, (this is not my ip)
which caps at 1.2 - 1.4 mb/s anyway,
and a wire connected pc for downloading)
Anyway, Putlocker is somewhat of a last resort, like zshare before,
So go change ur DNS, or come up with solutions

Kind regards,

Ted Dude

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OH NO!!! your not seriously gonna stop going to Stage View are you really? This will mean that we will go from 3,532,355 viewers all the way down to 3,532,356 viewers. See what you have done now?

Please do not leave , how will we ever make it with out you ... CUT...Folks that's a wrap on the "We almost give a shit take " lol I never have that problem but then again I swapped back to one of the very first ever DivX web players.

All that sux about it is every time I want to watch a movie when I first click it to start the movie, in Chrome or Fire fox stops me and asks if I want to "update" or "Run this time" I click "Run this time" and Im' all set.
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