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Some important posting rules!

Hi, i just wanted to take a second to remind to everybody a few posting rules that people seem to tend to forget, even moderators, or maybe some of you just didnt know. well here it is:

  • streaming links only
    please do not post any link that can only be downloaded. that means megaupload links on their own pls dont. this site is about streaming movies. on the other hand if you want to post a megaupload just put a "playmu?link=" in front of the link and it will make the link go through the tool to stream megaupload at also for a 2shared link put a "play2s?link=". please dont forget to do it cos otherwise it is just a download only link and we only post streaming links on here!
  • no USA only links
    there are people from all around the world visiting this site. sadly theres some video content on the web that can only be streamed if your IP address is from USA. content from sites such as or all the american tv station sites like bcn fox abc ect... pls do not post any of these USA only links here we only stick to content that is available to the whole world. these vids are not hard to find anyways so theres no need to post them here.
  • no Megavideo for content that is longer than 72 minutes!
    most of us who know a bit about online video already understand that one. megavideo cuts you off after 72 minutes and asks you to either go premium (not-free) or wait like an hour or so to continue streaming. we dont support that scam here especially since theres so many other video hosts that do not force ppl to go premium to stream freely (like... all of the others...). though were all about having all the links we can, especially those hard to find links for obscure movies/tv-show episodes so we tolerate megavideo links but only for content under 72 minutes! that means its generally ok for tv shows but not allowed in the movies! unless the movie happens to be less than 72 minutes long, which is rare.

so yea i thank you all for checking out and respecting these little rules so that this place can stay what it is today, a place open to all, were people from anywhere in the world can enjoy thousands of movies for free with no download and no registration required...

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