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Movie Links Syndication and Movie Posters Hosting!

Ive just added these 2 new features to the site:

Movie Links Syndication
Anyone can now start his own GO moviez without having to do any of the link-hunting work!!! On each movie or tv show page at GO moviez there is now a HTML code (right under the links) that you can place on your site to display the links from this GO moviez page on your site. The links shown are live and updating automatically as links get added/removed at GO moviez. And the best part is that the links show NO LINK BACK TO GO MOVIEZ! People who visit a page of your site where you show these live GO moviez links will not have any way to know that the links are not from you. The only price of this link syndication system is that a tiny ad will be shown at the bottom under the links. Not an ad for GO moviez, a general ad that will help GO moviez making a few cents to pay back for the hosting fees of powering these links for all of you.

So now you can easily start your own movie site by just creating the pages for each movie and for the link part, you can hunt your own links if you want but you should also add the GO moviez links on each of your page, this way all the links from the GO moviez community will automatically be yours, you will not have to do anything. Then feel free to fill up your pages with ads and advertise/spam for your site to get traffic and youll get a beautiful 100% automated money maker! Or if you already have a movie site, it can definitely help you have more links for no work and no loss traffic!

If you would like GO moviez can also host the Movie Posters for you!! read on about that:

Movie Posters Hosting
Thats right GO moviez also hosts Movie Posters for you now! If you want a reliable way to have a poster for a movie, use the GO moviez movie poster link from the page of this movie at GO moviez.

Please be aware that the link for the movie posters is only shown to logged in users for the moment. So once you login, on each GO moviez links page that has a picture, there will be a link to use this picture on your site. When the posters are hosted at GO moviez, they will show a small GO moviez logo in the bottom right corner, when the posters are hotlinked, the GO moviez Movie Poster Link will only redirect to the hotlinked poster.

This way you can have reliable movie posters on your site and GO moviez will either host the posters for you or automatically redirect to the poster that it currently is hotlinking in a case where the poster is hotlinked. So no more posters hunting for you, no more replacing old posters that have stopped working, let GO moviez do that for you!

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