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How to request links for a Movie or Show

If you want to request links for a certain movie or tv show you can always just request it here in the forum, but to attract more attention to your request, i invite you to use the new "request links" button feature instead.

Pages for movies or show that have the most requests will be shown on the homepage under "Requests:"

how use the new "request links" button feature:

From now on, every movie or show page on the site has a big button on the top right that says "request new links". all you have to do to request links is to click that big button.

Note that in order to do that you will have to find the page for the movie or show first. to do that click the link that says "search" on the top left of the page and search for the title of the movie or show you want to request (make sure to include pages with no links).

If the page that you want to request links for does not already exist on the site, you will have to create it first by clicking the link that says "add a page" on the top left of the page. You can add a page for a movie or a show even if you do not have links to post. Please make sure to place the page in the correct category add a good picture and description for the page and if has a page for this movie or show already, try to write the name exactly like them (copy and paste) and also the year, genre and description and include a link to the page on in the description.

After you have found or created the page you will then be able to click the request button on it. and you can also use the email notification option if you would like to be notified when links are posted on the page.

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