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Supported Software

some of the links posted here might have ads that will ask you to install this or that to watch the movie, most of the times these are just ads and you do not need to install whatever you are beeing prompted to install. Always say no to this and if you are not able to watch a movie at the other end of a link without installing stuff (or taking a survey) please report the link and we will remove it.

On the other hand, please be advised that there are a few pieces of software that you should install to be able to enjoy all movies on the web. so to make everything clear i have decided to make a list of "supported software" here in the forum so you can know if youre beeing asked to install one of these things, its normal and you probably should install it. If youre beeing asked to install anything else you should always say no.

Supported Software:

and thats all i can think about for the moment. if you can think of other software that should be in the list of supported software, let me know.

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